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A Glance of AGUA Design: Founded in 1994 in Paris, moved to Taiwan in 1996
AGUA Design is made of a team of designs with experiences at different parts of Europe. In the past 16 years, the team has focused on designs in 4 particular areas: stationeries, commercial applications, global conceptual designs, and interactive education program.
AGUA Design has already established a unique stationery line, its notebook is the hottest items among the line; it revolutionizes the idea of notebook as a tool to keep notes, it is also an item for collections and to reveal personal style. The line is sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, museums in France, and boutiques in Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.
In terms of commercial application, the team’s most well known case is the MobiNote MP4 cover created in 2005, it won the German iF award in the same year. The design also won Creative award in Consumer Electronic Show in U.S., and 3 top awards in Taiwan Excellence Competition; it was also nominated in the Japanese Good Design competition.
AGUA Design’s special collaboration in 2006 with poet Ms. Mimi Ye on her book “Dark” also won a Gold Butterfly Award for the team. It is a fine example how AGUA Design works with the famous people and brands to enhance brand value with creative designs.
Another important and original project is the global conceptual design. It is hoped our designs could enhance our quality of lives, contribute to the society as a whole, and could apply to societies’ needs in 10 or 20 years afterwards. Some creative samples are the 2008 garbage disposal solution for the Beijing Olympics, the new cheering tools, conceptual parks like “City Mountain”, etc. The team launched the long term project “City Yeast” in 2006, in hope that everyone can be inspired about their environment and grew to love it. The “City Yeast” project involves more than 300 designers’ participations, influences and interacts with thousands of people, and has won the Silver medal in the Taipei City Development Bureau’s Dream City competition.
Their believe: create value through original design
AGUA Design has accumulated various working experiences through collaboration with clients from different fields, such as high tech, fashion merchandising, food, publishing, and governmental agencies. With our professional consultation, the organizations and brands can further understand its position and core value, and enhance them with our designs. AGUA Design builds long term and trusting relationship with its clients, and grows with them in time.
With the team’s international experience, sensitivity to changes and trends, flexibility, creativity, and demand for quality, AGUA Design is here to develop designs benefiting the people, the globe, and provides a harmonious blend of design and living for all.

水越設計 AGUA Design 1994年成立,發跡於巴黎。1996年回到台灣。
設計族群使用之文具品牌,產品中包含了設計師的習性與方便使用的功能,發行到法國、香港等地,手記本不再只是塗鴉記事,亦代表了個人風格化、收集趣味性。台灣有誠品、美術館、法國博物館、 丹麥、西班牙、義大利、瑞士等設計精品店通路以及香港city super等通路。
商業設計 2005為MobiNote設計7 inch”MP4連續獲2005年德國iF設計大獎,美國CES產品創新獎與台灣精品獎三項大獎,並獲日本good design入圍。2006為詩人葉覓覓“漆黑“獲得金蝶獎書籍裝禎金獎。 一起與各個努力用心的品牌思考價值創立;此外,水越更著力在自創的「世界概念設計 Plan Global」發展, 主要為如何增進生活質感與社會貢獻為主旨,將設計延展到十年,二十年後的可能,讓設計與生活密切且和諧的互榮著。推廣以設計規劃新的生活形態, 發展出2008年奧運垃圾 處理方案、2008奧運新型態叫囂工具的設計,城市的山,概念主題公園、洗手間文化等 ,2006年開始進行「都市酵母」長期計畫,目的是運用創意使人愛上所居住的地方。2007獲得台北市都市發展局夢想城市計畫第二名。

讓您在各個層面都看得到水越設計的創意。create with AGUA Design

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