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  2013 card
Taipei City wants to improve itself to be the World Design Capital. Please feel free to join us and cheer for Taipei.

世界設計之都 (World Design Capital,簡稱WDC) 是國際工業設計社團協會 (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design,簡稱Icsid)所發起的全球城市運用設計改造運動計畫。目的是要促進世界各城市以設計做為城市經濟發展工具、推廣設計提升生活品質之認 知,並展現設計對社會、文化、經濟及生活環境的重要性。過去義大利杜林、韓國首爾、芬蘭赫爾辛基、南非開普敦等4個城市已獲得世界設計之都的頭銜。


World Design Capital is a biennial global competition culminating in a year-long celebration of the role of design in improving the social, cultural and economic life of cities. lt is an initiative of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design that aims to advance the discipline of industrial design at an international level and to improve the quality of life, as well as help to improve the economy of nations throughout the world. In the past, Turin(Italy), Seoul(South Korea), Helsinki(Finland), and Cape Town(South Africa) have won the honor of World Design Capital.

Taipei City wants to improve itself to be the World Design Capital with its citizens. Design for Taipei is a state of contemplative reflection, and is also a state of action! Taipei City’s dream is to build a captivating city in the future that is continually improving, provides for convenient and comfortable living for all its citizens, is safe and is increasingly creative!

art director - agua
graphic - daya
designer - daya

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