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  2009 the farmer’s calendar 農夫小年曆

The tiny farmer’s calendar 2009 "The four seasons are regularly according to the moon operation", long time ago, the Qin and Han dynasties, in order to meet the needs of farming and rest, have developed a "24 solar terms" of the time. AGUA Design re-interpret the Lunar calendar relate to our traditional festivals, the charm of Yinyang transmission of the wisdom of our ancestors and enjoy the atmosphere, every 2009 day is a pleasant.

「 初一常在朔、四季有定時 」,中國自距今約 2 千多年前的秦漢之際,為了配合農事作息的需要 ,就已經發展出所謂「二十四節氣」的時間劃分方式,水越設計2009年推出全新概念的農夫小年曆,重新演繹陰陽曆法的魅力,在案頭看著月亮盈缺數日子,農夫小年曆上傳遞老祖宗計算時間的智慧,享受節慶的氛圍,翻開每一頁都是驚喜。

水越 2009 農夫小年曆採用進口水紋紙,96個印刷版精心印製、耗時 2 年研發特殊R膠裝訂技術,可將年曆 360 度任意翻轉、結合特殊摺紙、人手加工,原木底座手工,12道拋光處理,外層包覆手感紙,隨著時間的流動傳遞出濃厚的人文情感。

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designer - agua. jessy. chien. juni. amber. tina
weight - 100g
material - wood. paper. rope
dimension - 3.5 x 4 x 6.6 cm
limited series - 3000. sold out
colors - green. brown. white
year - 2009
code - 4712805480333
report - monocle_200812 lavie_169
purchase - xxliving
noted - 4 cover design
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