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  tablescape series
Tablescape Series is the result of AGUA Design’s first collaboration with ceramic artist K. Y. Chang. It is designed for people who are tired, trapped in the office, and need a little inspiration and something up-lifting. Save a little spare space for Todigonggong, the guardian deity who will bring you luck and blessing.

HAPPYGARDEN A green leaf picked from road side can be the base to create a personal garden and sanctuary. The long neck and heavy base sports a neo-oriental flare while
is easy to hold and use. The decorative branch is also a fun motive that can echo with the real leaves in the vase. The vase’s shape and details make its production very challenging, but its simple beauty surely scores high in all the collectors’ hearts!

TableScape Series 桌上風景--花器賞


大家都有快樂花園 桌上風景--花器賞

自小在製陶環境中成長,從事陶瓷工藝、空間設計及建築藝術等。對材質及造型之於人的感官及環境的影響有著敏銳的感觸。此次與水越合作,雖操作熟悉的材料卻有別以往不同的設計觀點。人的思緒複雜而跳躍。『看看日子、想出去走走、祈求一切順利、聽到過往的聲音...... 』看似無關的片段會不時湧入腦中。此次設計運用自然山水的意象,勾勒心靈的風景,透過造型將豐盈而有趣的思維拼貼連結在一起。


土地公公土地婆婆花器賞 product link
designer - agua. koyu chang. ( illustration by tiger, chien )
weight - 80 g, 130 g with package
material - ceramic
dimension - 5 x 4 x 7.8 cm
limited series - 3000
colors - white
year - 2008
code - 4712805480142
report - 張可昱陶瓷設計師 網路推推
purchase - xxliving 博客來 團購精品
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