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  tung bloosom red handbook
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“The Tung blossom season in May is just like a fairy mouth of the whole year. Not only does it sing the snow-white songs but it also blows the warm breath to people’s eyes.“ Every year when the Tung blossom season arrives in May, the mountains and hills are covered in snow-white Tung blossoms as far as the eye can see. When a light breeze passes through, the white petals become like a light fall of snow…

「五月的桐花季就像一張小巧的嘴。它不但唱出一首首雪白的歌謠,更將溫熱的氣息吹進人們的眼睛。」每年五月桐花季來臨,雪白的油桐花鋪滿了山頭,當微風拂過,朵朵桐花如雪花般輕輕飄落… 桐花毽,指述毽子降落時產生桐花繽紛飄落之意象。

水 越桐花限量小說本--黃色與紅色2款,香港與台灣限量發行共壹千本,特別邀香港Patrick文字書寫、詩人葉覓覓共同參與開發,概念涵蓋桐花毽工業設 計,全本採困難的手工上膠裝訂,全本504頁為目前水越最厚的手記本設計,值得珍藏。並有桐花毽玩耍圖,指述毽子降落時產生桐花繽紛飄落之意象。玩耍歡樂 之餘,使與人們聯想桐花祭的熱鬧景象。

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designer - agua. typographic patrick. poet yemimi
weight - 332 g
material - cover france 250. pages england 100
dimension - 10 x 15 x 4 cm. 504 pages
limited series - 500. sold out
colors - red
year - 2006
AGUA Design Copyright
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