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Each year, we are using the same agenda books, seeing the same calendars, and living the same ways... AGUA Design now brings you a fresh look and a fresh take in life, with the "Nouveau 2005" calendar. You can plan your years with more fun, more action, and start a new day in 2005!
Tear off the unwanted and collected the fun ideas & moments with Nouveau 2005; Enjoy every single day!


Nouveau 2005的特色
*size:A4, 銅扣,上半年1張,下半年1張,紙張為瑞典進口紙,包裝以透明袋包裝,內有說明

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designer - agua
weight - 10 g
material - paper
dimension - 21 x 29.7 cm. 4 pages
limited series - 1000
year - 2005
noted - foldcart, suspendible with full moon and new moon indicate
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