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  designer nio’s 24 hours - workaholic
  菜裊設計師系列手記本 - 抱肝故事
designer nio’s 24 hours
nio is not a genius, but has the gift of designer which is enthusiasm and courage. With serious and persistent attitude, he has completed 24 kinds of designer’s experience after only one year working period, and becomes a senior designer.

Coping with the current down time, rookie designer Nio is working overtime in hope to succeed. Equipped with stylus and phone, Nio is fighting his fatigue and tears, and working towards a bright future! Nio's story unfolds now.

Innovation design handbooks, each page with bookmark function, easy to use.
Multi-functional book clothes with card pocket and page stop, designing for protecting and longer using your lovely handbooks.
5 covers : heart break / workaholic / bravo / bottleneck / la vie est tellment belle

水越菜裊設計師系列手記本 - 抱肝故事


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系列5款 - 心碎 / 抱肝 / 小確幸 / 瓶頸 / 樂活


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designer - agua. chien
photographer - agua
weight - 230g
material - paper
dimension - 13x18.5x1.7 cm, 264 pages
limited series - 10000
year - 2009
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